Smart sensors

With the help of Bigbelly's smart systems for waste and recycling, the problem of dealing with rubbish in public places be resolved. Furthermore, you can take advantage of existing infrastructure for waste management which are already in place and build with other features and technical solutions.

Analysis in real time

In addition to the obvious benefits that cleaner public spaces, more effective waste management, lower costs and environmental benefits can you reduce waste stream with up to 80%. You can easily measure the proportion of waste that is recycled instead of being thrown.

Global footprint

Contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Bigbelly creates cleaner, greener and safer pedestrian streets by reducing truck traffic, reduced noise and less congestion.

Smarter waste management

Smart, stand-alone and networked waste- and recycling stations keep waste safe and reports to the sanitation workers when the containers need to be emptied.

Site positioning

The platform provides a map overview of the fleet, where you can see where the devices are located and what status they have.

Data collection

Bigbelly brings together all data to create a more efficient operations and minimize costs for debris management.

Closed system

The closed vessel prevent unauthorized persons to access the content and provides direct statistics when door is opened.

Save transportation
Save plastic
Save the environment
Increase productivity
Tools for statistics and analysis in real time!

Behind a self-perpetuating barrier of smart technology hiding intelligent sensors, that, among other things, recognizes the fill levels and reports in real time their collection data to the Web-based software support CLEAN. This creates the ability to reduce the frequency of garbage collection with up to 80%. This means fewer trucking, reduced vehicle damage and reduced fuel consumption.


Without power grid

The units contribute to increased function in parks and cities where measurement and sorting of garbage can be done without electricity networks.

Solar powered

High Capacity, independent of the electricity grid and uses renewable energy from the Sun to power the device features.


The device provides an increased capacity of 570 litres of uncompressed debris and has a volume of 125 litres.

No pests

Bigbelly's closed system provides reduced access for pests and reduced garbage on the ground for a cleaner environment.

Fill levels

Our devices have built-in sensors that detect filling levels. The end customer can easily choose when notifications and unloading shall take place.

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Over 50.000 existing units

Bigbelly is an innovative platform with over 50.000 existing devices in the 54 countries that communicate and create a sustainable handling of garbage in the public room without power cord connector. The devices report their status and the fill level directly to the responsible for the more effective planning of routes. Bigbelly HC has 5-8 times more capacity than a traditional litter basket and provides room for 570 litres of uncompressed rubbish at the same size. The platform provides an added value for both business, environment and visitors.


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